Jager Gas – Gas Equipment Company

Jager Gas provides a range of solutions for your propane and natural gas requirements. We have been in the industry for over 20 years thriving on customer satisfaction and flawless services. Our service range includes sales, installations and service for a variety of natural and propane gas equipment for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Our offerings are customized to your requirements ensuring that you get the best services, worth every penny.

Why Choose Us for Your Gas Equipment Requirements

Jager Gas as a gas equipment company provides you a range of benefits.

  • We are able to provide sales and installation of a large spectrum of appliances that require gas to simply give you options that are best for your needs and requirements. Jager Gas inventory  is fully loaded with gas heaters, fire pits, generators, gas stoves, spa heaters, pool heaters, patio heaters, gas grills, above and underground gas tanks, gas logs, to name a few.
  • We also offer flawless and convenient gas installations and repair services. Whether you are planning to change the gas appliances of your residence or for your business, we have the most efficient technicians to complete the conversion. Along with the gas system conversion, we also install gas piping, venting and outlets. Jager Gas also provides trenching and excavation service installations.
  • One of the most important reasons to choose us over others is that Jager Propane & Natural Gas Services is fully insured and licensed in Connecticut and Massachusetts. So, all your requirements for propane natural gas heaters for home in Connecticut & Massachusetts are met with ease.
  • The technicians and staff at Jager Gas are well trained and have adequate expertise to deal with all your gas installation and repair requirements. They are certified to work both in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We also arrange training sessions at frequent intervals in order to make sure that our engineers and technicians are updated with the latest technology.

Our Service Offerings for Gas Installations and Repair

We offer different types of gas installation and repair services, such as, space heating, water heaters, commercial gas ranges, pool and spa heaters, patio heaters, gas grills, gas logs & stoves, generators, above ground & underground propane tanks, gas piping, gas fitting, gas venting, gas outlets, gas system conversions, and trenching & excavation. Jager Gas, being a complete gas equipment company, also provides factory warranty and claim service for Mendota products, Zodiac/ Jandy & Jandy control systems, Raypak pool products, Sta-rite/ Pentair products, empire/ White Mountain hearth products and Rinnai products.

How to Take Services at Jager Gas

A visit through our website would help get a clear picture about the kind of services we provide and the quality of our services. Choose a service that you would require and contact us. You can also visit our showroom to check any equipment or to know more about any of our services. You can call us for any assistance. You can also schedule our services at your residence or workplace.