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Empire Space Heater Repair, Tune-Up & Installation

Vent-Free Room Heaters

Vent-Free systems draw room air to support combustion in a clean burning blue-flame or radiant-plaque system. Rated at 99.9 percent efficient, vent-free heaters release nearly all of the available heat energy into the room.

Empire's Blue Flame heaters warm the air, which rises to create natural circulation in the room. Ideal for any supplemental heat application.

The BF10W and BF20W produce an inviting atmospheric warmth quickly and efficiently.

The BF10W is equipped with a hydraulic thermostat with a constant 10,000 Btu input, while the BF20W is equipped with a modulating hydraulic thermostat that modulates from 8,500 Btu to 20,000 Btu for continuous temperature control.

The BF30W offers the visual warmth of a blue flame with a hydraulic thermostat that modulates from 8,500 Btu to 30,000 Btu for continuous temperature control.

Empire Heating Systems
Empire Heaing Systems

Jager Services sells services installs and maintains Empire Space Heaters.

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